CE Course

How Recommending and Providing Proven Products Benefits Patients

Christopher Baer, DMD

This discussion focuses on how recommending or providing effective, scientifically proven products benefits both the patients and dentists.


2 CEU • COST: $18 • Expires Dec 31, 2019


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Introducing a Digital Denture Workflow into Your Daily Practice

David Burt, DDS

This webinar discusses how introducing a new process can open up new revenue channels.


1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires April 30, 2019


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Digital Dentures: Revolutionizing Workflow, Optimizing Outcomes

David Little, DDS

This webinar describes impression techniques, verifying vertical dimension of occlusion, and the use of 3D printed prototypes for try in, checking fit, midline, occlusion, and esthetics.

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires March 31, 2018

CE Course

Digital Denture Design: Streamlining Productivity

Robert A. Lowe, DDS; and David Avery, CDT

This article presents a case report that illustrates the ease of digital denture design. 



2 CEU • COST: $18 • Expires Dec 31, 2018




Aldo Leopardi, BDS, DDS, MS
June 2012 Course - Expires June 30th, 2015 | SOURCE: Inside Dental Technology
COST: $8.00