Kulzer CE Courses

CE Webinar

Direct Resin Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry

Abdi Sameni, DDS

This webinar will highlight the many advantages that direct resin restoration can bring to your patients and your practice through meticulously documented cases and follow-ups.

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires November 30, 2022

CE Webinar

Isolation Techniques for Direct and Indirect Restorations

Thomas E. Dudney, DMD

This webinar will explain the various types of moisture control and isolation methods for placing posterior restorations to ensure long-term success.

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires November 30, 2024


CE Webinar

Dental Sealant Failure, Caused by Improper Placement Technique

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA

The use of acid-etch or adhesive systems before applying dental sealants can increase retention but, if not placed correctly, can lead to sealant failure.

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires October 31, 2024

CE Webinar

Seamless Collaboration Between Dentists and Technicians for Successful Dentures

Jeremy Wohlers, CDT and Mike Clark, DDS

This webinar will review how the seamless flow of information, quality products and expert technique are the basis for a successful analog denture and patient acceptance.

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires May 31, 2024